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From $75,000 to $245,000 In Monthly Recurring Revenue
In Just 3 Months

How We Helped Jose Go From Being Overworked And Unable To Grow His Brand To A Consistent 30% Month-Over-Month Growth and $245,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue In Just 3 Months


Before Working With Full Circle

Jose Arellano, CEO of Walkize, had faced Amazon challenges for 5 years. Living on his family farm in California, juggling his Amazon FBA business, selling suitcases and trying to provide a better life for his family.

Poor product visibility, inefficient pricing, and high fulfillment fees hindered Walkize’s growth. Seeking a solution, he turned to Full Circle and started our Full Service Amazon Management.

Working With Full Circle

Full Circle tackled Walkize’s issues head-on. Within the first week, we took over the daunting task of listings copywriting – both frontend and backend – drastically improving their visibility.
We revamped their pricing strategy, which immediately impacted the margins positively.

Our team overhauled Walkize’s Pay-Per-Click strategy, making decisions based on hard data, not mere speculations. Every product they have ranked in the Top 5 positions organically, increasing their organic traffic significantly.

We also managed to enroll Walkize in an Amazon program that not only reduced their fulfillment fees but also made them eligible for Prime.

After Working With Full Circle

Results were swift and impressive. Two weeks in, Walkize’s flagship product earned the Best Seller Badge, Jose even got a slot on The Today Show getting their sales to spike to $50,000 in a day thanks to the exposure. The badge remained untouched for more than 6 months.

  • Walkize sales skyrocketed from $74,000 to $245,000 monthly in just 3 months.
  • ACOS went from an average of 35% and above to under 25%.
  • Increased Click-Through-Rate from being constantly under 1% to a stable 1.5%

The best part? The freedom it gave Jose. The freedom to move his family to Puerto Rico, to provide a better life for them, and to focus on what he does best – creating great products. And all of this while seeing a higher ROAS.

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