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Full Circle’s Guide to Prime Day Success

Full Circle’s clients witnessed a phenomenal success for Prime Day 2023. In this blog post, we’ll explore the essential tactics that helped our clients achieve substantial increase in sales, as well as the strategies that our experts apply to create a bulletproof personalized Prime Day plan.

Preparing for Prime Day starts months in advance and is well-known among Amazon sellers. As the big day approaches, sellers gear up for the challenges that come with this major shopping event.

One key challenge is the increase in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) costs. With more competition and higher demand for ads, staying competitive becomes crucial. Careful budgeting and planning are needed to get the best results from ad spending. Effective inventory management is also critical. The high demand during Prime Day can lead to issues like running out of stock or having too much inventory. Handling these challenges requires proactive inventory management, accurate forecasting, and timely restocking.

Another important aspect is managing customer reviews and inquiries. As engagement with customers goes up during Prime Day, sellers receive more questions and reviews. Promptly responding and taking care of customer concerns is essential for maintaining a positive image.
Despite the difficulties, Prime Day offers a huge opportunity for sellers to boost sales and increase their brand’s visibility on Amazon. By planning well and using effective strategies, sellers can make the most of this sales event. Working with a trusted partner like Full Circle can further improve the chances of success with expert guidance and proven successful tactics.

Full Circle’s Key Strategies for Prime Day Preparation

Our team at Full Circle went above and beyond to ensure our clients were fully prepared for the highly anticipated Prime Day sales event. Here are the core strategies that paved the way for their success:

  • Irresistible Discount Offerings: We offered irresistible 20% discounts on all products, along with strategically timed “Best Deal” promotions for specific items. These smart tactics attracted and engaged shoppers throughout the event.
  • Strategic Prime Exclusive Deals (PED): For specific products, we strategically implemented PED to optimize pricing and boost sales. Additionally, non-PED eligible products were offered at discounted rates to maximize customer interest.
  • Empowering Previews and Notifications: Our innovative approach allowed customers to preview and “watch” upcoming deals five days before Prime Day. On the day itself, push notifications ensured customers didn’t miss out on the deals they were anticipating.

Dynamic Actions During Prime Day

As Prime Day unfolded, Full Circle’s team was actively engaged, ensuring optimal performance and seamless operations. Here’s how we managed Prime Day in real-time:

  • We meticulously fine-tuned all campaigns, thoughtfully adjusting bids to optimize performance. For our top-performing campaigns with a proven track record, we boosted bids significantly to maintain a competitive edge, while ensuring a tailored approach to meet the unique needs of each account.
  • Enhanced Budget Management: To ensure maximum visibility throughout the day, we strategically allocated budgets to our clients’ top-performing campaigns. However, we understand that every account is unique, and the budget increase varied based on factors like average CPC and traffic velocity. Some accounts saw a moderate increase, while others experienced a substantial boost, all aimed at achieving remarkable results for each individual account.
  • Proactive Troubleshooting: With an agile approach, we stayed vigilant during peak hours, promptly addressing any challenges that emerged to ensure a smooth shopping experience for customers.

The Impressive Results After Prime Day

The outcomes of Prime Day far exceeded expectations, reflecting Full Circle’s commitment to delivering exceptional results:

  • A remarkable YoY increase in total sales, surpassing previous Prime Day figures by over 4x.
  • Our performance soared 24x above the average two-day sales on Amazon.
  • A substantial 2.5x increase in organic sales compared to Prime Day 2022.
  • An impressive 75% of total Prime Day sales came from new-to-brand customers, ensuring continuous growth for the brands we partner with.

In conclusion, our clients’ success is what drives us at Full Circle. We are wholeheartedly committed to developing winning strategies that bring excellent results, not just during Prime Day but also in the long term. With our expertise and dedication, we’ve helped numerous brands achieve significant growth on Amazon.

Throughout our partnership, we work closely with our clients to overcome challenges and achieve impressive outcomes. From boosting visibility to improving sales performance, our clients consistently experience positive transformations in their Amazon journey.

Choosing Full Circle as their trusted partner brings tangible benefits to brands. Our carefully planned strategies lead to notable sales spikes during Prime Day and beyond, showing the value we bring to their businesses. Our clients’ achievements are a reflection of the collaborative effort and unwavering dedication we put into their success. We take immense pride in being part of their Amazon journey and look forward to continuing this journey together.

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