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Simplified Amazon Shopping: The New Basket Feature

Online shopping just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Amazon’s latest feature that aims to streamline the process of adding multiple items to your basket. In response to long-standing frustrations from both brands and shoppers, Amazon has taken a significant step forward in improving the shopping experience on its platform. Let’s dive into this exciting development and see how it can benefit you.

The Frustration of Adding Multiple Items

If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, you’ve likely encountered the frustration of adding multiple items to your basket, especially when they belong to the same product family or should be purchased together. It’s a cumbersome process that often involves searching for each item separately and adding them one by one.


This hassle not only affects shoppers but also poses challenges for brands. Consider this example: a brand’s hero product is a bedside crib. While many customers may also need a mattress, bed sheets, and sleeping bags to complete their purchase, there has been no efficient way to guide them toward these complementary products.

Amazon Listens and Responds

In response to these challenges, Amazon has introduced a new feature that promises to make your shopping experience smoother and more convenient. Now, you can easily add multiple units of the same SKU or different SKUs in a variation to your basket without the hassle of navigating through separate listings.


This feature is a game-changer for brands looking to maximize cross-sell opportunities and increase the overall basket value for their customers. It not only simplifies the buying process but also enhances the user experience by reducing friction and frustration.

How It Works

Adding items to your basket with this new feature is straightforward. If you’ve ever wanted to purchase multiple units of the same product or add related items to your basket, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of this process.


  1. Browse and Select: Start by browsing the products you’re interested in. Whether it’s the hero product or complementary items, you can select them as you normally would.
  2. Add to Basket: Once you’ve chosen the items you want, simply click the “Add to Basket” button, and Amazon will intelligently group them together in your basket.
  3. Easy Checkout: With all your desired items neatly organized in your basket, you can proceed to checkout with ease. It’s a seamless process that eliminates the frustration of adding items individually.

The Benefits for Shoppers and Brands

The introduction of this feature offers a range of benefits for both shoppers and brands:

For Shoppers:

  • Simplified Shopping: Adding multiple items to your basket is now as easy as a few clicks, saving you time and effort.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Enjoy a more user-friendly and frustration-free shopping experience on Amazon.
  • Convenient Cross-Selling: Discover related products effortlessly and maximize the value of your purchases.

For Brands:

  • Increased Basket Value: Make the most of cross-sell opportunities and encourage customers to purchase complementary products.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Happy customers are more likely to return, and this feature enhances overall satisfaction.
  • Efficient Product Discovery: Guide shoppers to the items they may not have considered, boosting sales and customer loyalty.

The Future of Online Shopping

Amazon’s commitment to improving the shopping experience is evident in this new feature. By addressing the long-standing frustration of adding multiple items to the basket, Amazon is making online shopping more convenient and enjoyable for everyone.


As you explore the vast marketplace of Amazon, take advantage of this feature to simplify your shopping and discover complementary products with ease. With Amazon’s commitment to innovation, who knows what other exciting developments are on the horizon? Stay tuned for more updates, and enjoy your newfound convenience as you shop on Amazon.


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